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              ANNOUNCING                    The Cast of Willy Wonka!




SHOW DATES: June 24, 25 & 26, 2022

Congratulations to the cast of the upcoming production of Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka! Had a wonderful time during auditions and am looking forward to working with such a talented group of actors for this summer musical. See you on Monday, April 25th, at 6 PM at the theater for read through. Cast and crew members are expected to attend. Bring a pencil!


Willy Wonka/Candy Man   Bob Brown

Phineous Trout   Jeremy Humphres

Charlie Bucket   Bryant Colley

Mrs. Bucket   Angie Neyman

Mr. Bucket   Brian Neyman

Grandpa Joe   Greg Franks

Grandma Josephine   Kate Nydam

Grandpa George   David Woerle

Grandma Georgina   Janelle Woerle

Augustus Gloop   Jackson Smith

Mrs. Gloop   Tammy Brown

Veruca Salt   Hailey Eakin

Mr. Salt   Kelly Jordan

Mike Teavee   Ben Gaston

Ms. Teavee   Susanna Brown

Violet Beauregarde   Madison Inman

Mrs. Beauregarde   Sam Miller


Holt Waggoner

Tess Eledge

Alyssa Hart

Jaden Smith

Jaden Plunk

Cristal Albright

Alaina Gray

Erin Cook


Colby Jane Waggoner

Abby Gilbert

Bryleigh Gilbert

Riley Dowdell

Raegan Brown

Amelia Gray

Emma Eliff

Maddie Gilbert

Destiny Kuhn

Squirrels/ Townsfolk

Ella Bishop

Madison Gable

Kaitlyn Gable

Shawna Mahoney

Sioban Mahoney

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