Savannah City Theater Calendar


     stage lights    THE 2015 SEASON

 Want to be a Dreamweaver? That's easy!  Just participate in any of our productions, in any capacity, from its beginning until completion and you are a member. There are no fees required!


Disney's Cinderella KIDS                   CINDERELLA                              Director Connie Harrison has chosen Cinderella for this year’s production which offers many exciting parts for children grades 2–5. Prepare your child for auditions  scheduled for January 15 & 17th. Show dates are: March 6-8th. Go to Member News for details!

Dreamweavers needs talented folks with an interest in costuming and makeup to assist in each show. Good people skills and the ability to organize is a plus.
e also welcome able bodied members who are interested in building and painting for our shows.   Artists, handy folks and ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcomed and needed.  We will be glad to teach you how to paint or build. 
Contact us via email: www.front-row@drmwvrs.net or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FIRSTDREAMWEAVER

SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY:   For the adults, Cynthia Clement will direct Spoon River River Anthology. This is a NON-MUSICAL offering challenges to actors in all parts.  Auditions for the show will be held on January  10th. Show dates are February 27 & 28 and March 1st.   



      HEARTSTRINGS  We will continue our yearly tradition of a  Valentine’s Day free concert for the community with the 2015 Heartstrings scheduled for Saturday, February 14th. Enjoy songs reflecting the day as our “thank you” to the community for all the support shown to Dreamweavers throughout the year!  












THE SUMMER MUSICAL: MARY POPPINS  Our summer musical will be Mary Poppins.  M. I. Marshall will direct this much loved show which will open our 21st season. Auditions will be held in April.







Scheduled for October 2015. Several shows are under consideration but no decision has yet been made. Have any suggestions?


About Dreamweavers

The Dreamweavers of West Tennessee is a volunteer, non-profit 501c3 community theater group located in a city owned, renovated movie theater on 601 Court St in historic downtown Savannah, Tennessee.

Dreamweavers was founded in 1994, by M. I. Marshall, who conceived the idea, Jim Osburn, who willingly joined his fledgling Hardin County Harlequins with Dreamweavers, and Terry Marshall and Margaret Osburn, who provided the artistic and day to day support for the community theater. Over the past eighteen years Dreamweavers has presented more than sixty musicals, dramas and comedies.

Dreamweavers presents several live theatrical works each year, including a major musical production in the summer.  Membership is open and does not include any fees.  Participate in any event, any way, and you are already a "MEMBER".